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Great shoes for tennis. Very solid and sturdy. Great arch support. Not wide width, but not narrow. Perfect.
  Saleem Shaik

There’s a reason why the play and movie have such tremendous impact across the generations. We just can’t get enough of the innovative boys from Jersey who changed the face of music, the culture of a generation, and stood the world on its ear. And for the first time, the public knows how high a price Frankie Valli paid in his journey to bring his dream, his heart’s passion to us; and the genius of prolific singer/songwriter Bob Gaudio. (Thanks due here to Joe Pesci for introducing them.) The story behind the music gives depth to your appreciation for the music that everyone can relate to.
Together Mr.Valli and Mr. Gaudio, the heart and soul of the group, and are the pair that will beat any full house. They made history; time has not eroded the magnetic magic of the Four Seasons, but rather amplified it until someone realized that this generation should know their inimitable, magnetic music, and their unexpected, captivating story as well, from the stage to the big screen. We just can’t get enough of the boys from Jersey. I wish the movie was hours longer. I’ve watched it many times since I bought it. The elated feeling of hearing "Sherry" is as impactful as the first time I heard it when I was fourteen. It was the sweet promise to a young girl of wonderful things to come. "Can’t Take My Eyes off You"…falling in love at first sight that lasted a lifetime, and is just as heart-racing as the first look, every time I hear the song. Pure magic, and no one else can take you there like the Four Seasons. Whether the love lasted a lifetime or not, the thrilling feelings of the time it takes you back to, or experience for the first time, are eternal. All you have to do is press "play."
  Damjana Lakobrija

Ohio State Defeats Eastern Michigan 73

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