Walk-in to any casino and your attention would be diverted by clinging of different kinds of chips together. These circular discs contain a monetary value and are often used in a casino. In other, words chips are the currency of casinos. Poker chips are used instead of cash in almost every casino but certain casinos allow the players to use cash on the table in higher bets in $100 denominations. There are various reasons why casinos use chips in the business one of them being that it segregates the player from his money. Since, its jus chips and not actual cash, makes it easier to place higher bets. Throwing a chip on the table doesn’t have much impact against placing a wad of cash on the table, you’ll sink in thinking, but with the case of chips, it puts a much more effective impact on the gambler. Not just it provides convenience in a game where the player needs to stack up his cash where it occupies a lot of space on the table, but it provides an extra level of security. Most of the chips with high value can be tracked easily as well as chips are regulated by casinos which can be easily manipulated by the house in case of criminal activity. Of the various types of token chips casinos offer, these are usually categorized into two types; Low-end chips vs. high-end chips and Ceramic with clay chips. The former is used by poker players to differentiate between expensive chips and cheaper ones while the latter is to distinguish the chips of a higher order.

Plastic chips:

Plastic chips

These are usually the cheapest poker chips available on any chain store and are of two types. Diamond and plastic chips. Plastic chips are what you would find at a game where you intend to play with a non-poker people. These are not meant to be used in a real poker game and the thing about these chips is that these are extremely inexpensive. The ridges around them make them harder to stack up and are not in the standard size. Diamond plastic chips are heavier than the cheap plastic chips at 8.5 ounces and maintain the standard size. These chips are apt for playing a friendly poker match if you are in for it.

Mid-range plastic:

Mid-range plastics are the best form of plastic chips. These are plastic chips processed differently that gives it a smooth feel than its counterparts. The chips resemble clay chips with perfect molding and are much easier to stack. Though still plastic, they look plastic if you keenly observe them.

Ceramic chips:

The third in line chips have porcelain feel to it making it stand out from the two we already discussed. The unique graphic on this chip can be customized and its durability can’t be questioned. Though a little expensive, its price lives up to its feel and beautiful texture. If you can afford them, I believe it’s one that deserves to be owned for a serious game inside the house.

Ceramic Casino Grade:

Usually introduced as a replica of Clay chips and are often termed as composite or clay chips. They are not clay and are made from ceramic using injection molding. The completely leveled surface along with graphics leaves little space and the image stretches to the edge of the chip.

Clay Poker chips:

These are the most valuable and expensive chips weighing 8-9 grams. They’re not entirely clay but are a mixture of sand, chalk, and clay addressing the issue of being fragile, using a molding process for the graphics. They represent a professional quality and are good in texture making it easier to stack. The non-slippery token comes in a variety of designs and colors distinguishing itself from other casino chips in the market.


Chips represent the currency of the Casino business. Most of the Casinos don’t allow players to use cash on the table unless it’s a high bet. Another important component is the color of the chip and every standardized Casino Chips Colors(must watch) represents a face value. Of all the chips, the white chip is the cheapest at $1 followed by Red chip $5. The orange chip has the highest value of $1000. The right color helps to maintain the industry’s norm devoid of any confusion among the players.