Las Vegas is the place to indulge yourself in some of the most beautiful things in the world. Luxury clubs, spas, restaurants, and bars all await the person who can pick up the check and handle the price tag. But recently, in the middle of Las Vegas, a giant has come to rock Sin City. Las Vegas is now home to the $100,000 chip! Holding this chip in your hand is like holding power and riches. It will give you the financial capability to buy an entire house with the flick of your wrist. But where did it come from, can you use it or is it a novelty, and what does it represent? We will explain all the details about this mysterious and luxurious chip below.


Where did it come from?

The $100,000 chip was created at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It was made before 2010. Since then, many other casinos have created their own high end, expensive chips. When not in use, it lies safely behind security guards and bolted doors.

Is it usable at a casino?

Yes, it is! The $100,000 chip is not just for looks, and it’s not a silly souvenir. It can be used if you are a multi-millionaire that gambles with a millionaire dollar credit line. It is meant to be played at the game Baccarat, which makes sense. An expensive and elite chip should belong to a game no one knows how to play. You can play Baccarat at the back of the Paris Casino, in the High limits section.

What does it look like?

The $100,000 chip has blue edges that are dotted with deeper blues and purplish pinks. In the center is a white background with a grey Eiffel Tower and the word Paris scrawled across. If you look closely, you can see what looks like a tiny screw. It is not a screw at all, but it is an RFID scanner. This scanner allows security and the casino manager to monitor the chips are where they are located at any given time. It also provides the security detail with the ability to discover if someone is gambling with fake chips quickly. When the stakes are this high, no security cost is too great. All of the chips are numbered, and the numbers ledge is kept with security. No one knows how many chips there are in rotation. This is another form of protection.


To use one of these chips would be to show the word that you have made it. You’re rich now, so rich you can hold $100,000 in the palm of your hand. One day, when you are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, you can stroll right into the Paris Casino and be greeted with a glass of wine and a stack of these chips as your hand! When that day happens to you, remember that you need about the luxury Paris hotel chip here on our site. Happy gambling, since you are now a wealthy billionaire!