Casinos require their players to place their bets using chips instead of cash. These chips referred to as poker chips come in different shapes, colors and sizes and every color has its monetary value. However, it wasn’t until 1930 when certain venues of poker games required players to place their bets using the chips, discontinuing the tradition of using coins, gold nuggets, and other things. This set a new trend in the industry and motivated other enterprises to do the same. Today the accepted ­­currency inside a casino is poker chips that are valuable inside a casino and worthless outside. Other factors make it a more secure way of placing a bet. Using cash on the table can occupy a lot of space, stacking wads of cash, it’s always disorganized, but using poker chips it makes it more convenient and helps in placing larger bets separating the player with the mental segregation between him and the money. After all, it represents money but it’s all chips on the table. On top of that, the chips are regulated by the casino and can be manipulated in case of theft, as it can be only exchanged inside a casino and its value outside the house is nothing but rubbles. There were earlier problems as different casinos were using different colors to represent different amounts of money. In 1990’s casinos in Las Vegas issued Black chip at $1 which caused quite a stir among other casinos who were issuing Black chips for $100, anyone could’ve easily mixed up the chips to manipulate the amount. This gave birth to the need for a standard in the industry. The denomination of the chips varies from place to place.

White chips:

These are the cheapest poker chips in the industry. Often called Bullets, White chips can be used to place small bets like a side bet or tip a waitress. They lack the materialistic quality and are prone to dirt. Their amount ranges between $0.50 to $1 but sometimes blue and red chips can represent the same amount. The price varies under certain contexts.

Red chips:

Red chip’s worth is higher than pink chips that stand at $2.50. Representing a monetary value of $5, red chips are used for table games and tipping. However, in California Red chips are not priced at $5, but that place is given to Yellow chips. It’s though priced $5 in every other cardroom excepting California.

Green Chips:

Green chips have a value of $25 usually played in a hand of $25-$200. They have the feel of a casino chip weighing at 11.5 grams at the weight. They are made from composite raisin to establish a feel of texture slightly better than Red and White chips. The universally acclaimed value of green chips is $25 except the state of California where Purple chips are $25.

Black Chips:

Black Chip

Black chips have a value of $100 except in California, where standardized values differ. Black chips are made from clay composite with a weight of about 14grams. People who usually play with Black chips are high-end players often termed as Black chippers. The beautiful texture gives it a professional casino look and a feel that’s much better than its descending chips.

Purple chips:

California prices purple chips at $25 but that’s an exception whereas, in other Casinos, Purple chips are priced at whopping $500. The high-quality chips are made from composite clay and can vary a little in their weights. However, the standard size and its texture maintain the industrial credibility living up to the reputation of a fine chip.

Orange chips:

The highest-priced chip in the industry is Orange at $1000. Though there is no weight norm in the industry, usually Clay chips weigh from 9.5-10 grams. Cashing in an Orange chip can surely make anyone’s day and every enthusiastic player only wishes that one day he leaves after having cashed in an Orange.


Casino Chips Colors and their denomination can vary in different places. With exceptions to California, other casino industries maintain a standard to avoid any confusion among the players. Certain tables can announce the minimum bet by just placing the sign. Poker chips are fun to deal with on the table and more fun when you cash in. Whether it’s the Orange chips made from Clay or the Ceramic-composite, man quest to dominate his future depends on him and even a twig can help him swim.