Modern day casino chips have a variety of security features, but there are always people who figure out a way to counterfeit them. It is crucial for anyone who works in a casino to recognize the difference between the real thing and the fakes.

The Weight Myth

It is a common misconception that you tell a real casino chip from a fake by its weight. The fact is that some casinos use chips that weigh 8.5 grams, while others will use ones that are over 11 grams. You can, however, compare a suspicious chip’s weight to that of a legit one if you have a scale handy.


While most casinos use the same colors to denote the different values of their chips, they are always a slightly different shade. This means that a casino’s chips can be easily identified by the particular shade of each color. All you have to do is compare the suspicious chip to the others to notice the difference.

Lack of Markings

These days a lot of casinos put UV markings on their chips as an anti-counterfeiting measure. These markings can be clearly seen when exposed to ultraviolet light. This is a pretty easy way to tell if the chip you are holding is legitimate or a fake.

Quality of Graphics

The overall quality of the graphics or artwork on the chips is another factor to consider when separating the real from the counterfeit. You might have to look at a fake chip under a magnifying glass to really see these differences. A convincing counterfeit chip can look pretty good but not perfect.

A lot of fakes feature low-resolutions graphics, which make them easy to spot when put next to the real thing. There will often be design flaws in the counterfeit chips as well. This could mean a missing logo or other graphic elements that are present on the real ones.

RFID Chips

Many casinos also RFID technology in their casino chips. This technology has helped to identify counterfeit chips on more than a few occasions in recent years. A vast majority of fakes will not have these chips in them. All you need is a scanner device to immediately tell the difference.


The general construction of a casino chip can also be an indication as to whether or not it is legit. Most modern chips are made from either clay or ceramic. A lot of counterfeit casino chips are made from cheap plastic, which is fairly easy to identify. You can just tell the difference by how they look and feel in your hand. Some of the more convincing fakes can be difficult to differentiate with this method though.



Final Thoughts

It can be tricky to tell the difference between a real casino chip and fake one, unless you know what to look for. You can often tell just by comparing the overall look of two chips from the same casino. Keep in mind that all casinos use their own unique color shade and graphic design for their chips.