Casino chips are the lifeblood of the casino. Many people think that free alcoholic drinks and wild shows and beautiful decor is what makes a casino stand out. But it is the chips that make a casino stand out. But what is it like to monitor and handle all those chips? In this article, we will explain how often the security of the casino changes the chips.



There are three primary reasons a casino will change their chips. The first reason is simply that the chips are worn out. The paint is chipped, rubbed off, scratched off, or the sticker peels off, and the chip ends up looking unsightly. Chips that show visible signs of damage will be removed from play and replaced immediately, especially in the higher-end luxury casinos. Casinos keep extra chips in the bottom basement so the chips can quickly be switched out.


Security Issues

The second reason is to prevent security issues. All casinos allow people can take chips out of the casino and cash them in later. The average person will keep the chip in their drawer or purse until they want to play again or cash in their winnings. But counterfeiters will take their chips and try to tamper with the chip to turn it into a higher value chip. Counterfeiters will also try to copy the mold of the chip so they can make more chips. Then they will use their fake chips to at the table games, by making bets with their fake chips and winning real money in return.

Different strategies to fight counterfeiting

Therefore, some casinos even have different designs for different games. A casino is always in a constant battle with counterfeiters since chip switching is not easy to spot.  If someone is thought to be a chip switcher, the table of chips will be inspected for counterfeit chips. If none can be found, they might decide to change the table chips in case they missed something.


And finally, every few years, a casino will change all its chips so it can choose a new design. New models and unique colors that can captivate a visitor and make their eyes light up when they see their chips is essential to the experience of a casino. A beautiful chip entices a person and excites them to the point where they cannot help but play a few rounds of Blackjack or Poker. Holding a chip is like carrying a little piece of the casino in your hands.  If the casino does not want a new design, then changing out all the chips is meant as another security measure.

We have now told you the three primary reasons why a casino would change their chips and how often chip changing happens. No matter what the reason is, chips are special and are meant to be played with. So, travel on down to the casino nearest you and pick up a chip today. You’ll never know what life has in store for you until you make a bet!