When it comes to monitoring the security in a casino, the owners and managers do not play around. Because of the lucrative business of the gambling industry and all the crooks and counterfeits that it attracts, casinos can’t afford to skimp out on their security. From the cameras to the plainclothes guards watching for card counters, walking into a casino is like walking into a fortress. It’s a wonder why people think they can get away with a crime when they’re being watched from all angles. Casino chips are one of the most secure items in a casino. Though they are small and many, chips are not immune to the prying eyes and evil ways of thieves and counterfeiters. So, read down below if you want to know the casino technologies, they are not telling you.


RFID for tracking

The higher the chip’s denomination rises in value, the more likely there are extra security measures placed inside. RFID chips are embedded inside the casino chips. The RFID chips are for the security and managers to know where all the high-end chips are always located. Dealers have scanners underneath their tables, so they can quickly scan any chip they find suspicious. If anyone tries to play with chips that have fake RFIDs, the chips won’t scan, and they will be caught.


RFID for identification

High-end casino chips aren’t always stolen from other people and cashed out. Some people try to make molds of chips that $1,000 or higher. Then they will return to the casino and try to place bets using the fake chips and win real money. If there should be an RFID tag within a specific denomination of chip, and there isn’t one, the dealer can alert security and have the counterfeiter arrested. You may think that if people had fake chips, wouldn’t they go to the cashier? If they go directly to the cashier without playing any games, it would be a red flag to the security watching above.


Specialized Paint

When casinos order their chips, they take special care to design the detail of the chips well. Casinos often choose a specific paint color that isn’t available anywhere else and or no other casino in their area has for their chips. In this, counterfeiters can’t find the paint they need to make fake chips.

Specialized designs

When factories are told to make molds for the casino clients, many of the casinos request unique markings in the chip. These unique markings are used to identify the chips to the dealers and casino managers. If the dealers ever find a chip without these unique markings, they know they are playing with a cheater.


It is impossible to beat a casino and steal from them because of all the technology they have invested in. Year after year, people try to beat the house at their own game, but they cannot. The casinos still stand tall, and the counterfeiters are in jail. So, if you’re ever thinking about making easy money, make sure to develop a liking for prison food.